All data messages (email) and any files transmitted with them, are intended for the person or entity to whom it is addressed only.

An email may contain information that is privileged, confidential, or even incorrect. The distribution or reproduction thereof is strictly prohibited.

Feed First (Pty) Ltd does not accept any responsibility for the views and opinions of its staff. The receiver of any message indemnifies Feed First (Pty) Ltd against any form of liability, should the receiver thereof act in any manner upon the information contained in the message, and which action results in loss or damage.

Opening of the message is done at the risk of the recipient. The receiver is responsible for taking reasonable steps to protect his/her electronic system and network against any possible viruses.

If you are not the person to whom an email message is addressed or if you received such in error, please notify Feed First (Pty) Ltd immediately at telephone number 066 553 7466 or email and immediately delete the email and any attachments from your system.